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La Vergne, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee (and probably in the Southeastern United States). A few short years ago, the population was approximately 9,000. Today, there are more than 25,000 residents who call La Vergne "home" and it continues to grow. This blog is dedicated to keeping our community updated on current events, and serves as a guide for restaurants, entertainment, schools, and more. Welcome to La Vergne!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No More Anonymous

UPDATE: We have taken the advice of one reader and have again allowed "anonymous" comments. However, the comments will now be moderated to protect people in the community from defamation of character, and against libelous and slanderous comments. Personal attacks against people will not be tolerated. Call it censorship all you want. If you want to attack someone and risk your own lawsuit, then you are encouraged to join millions of other folks by starting your own blog. Meanwhile, we hope our regular readers who are not involved in this saga continue to visit us! If not, we'll surely miss you.

Ya'll. We want open discussion, lively conversation on this blog, but not at the risk of calling other people names and ranting wildly. There was a very nasty anonymous comment made this morning (which has been deleted, and then I deleted the edited one because the person who it was directed at could still be identified) directed at a member of our community.

As a result, I've made the unilateral decision to no longer allow "anonymous" comments. If you want to say something (and we do welcome your thoughts), then you can't do it hidden behind non persona status. If you have something to say, step up to the plate and say it. No more sneaking around throwing darts at people. Sorry it had to come to this, but if you can't stand behind your words, you don't need to be saying them.

And no name-calling, please. It's ridiculous that "anonymous" felt something positive would come of flinging crap at someone. Time to grow up.

It's kind of ironic that we have to shut down "anonymous" in the same week we applaud the right to free speech. I do see a distinction, though, in having your opinion heard and attacking someone.

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