La Vergne, Tennessee

La Vergne, Tennessee is one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee (and probably in the Southeastern United States). A few short years ago, the population was approximately 9,000. Today, there are more than 25,000 residents who call La Vergne "home" and it continues to grow. This blog is dedicated to keeping our community updated on current events, and serves as a guide for restaurants, entertainment, schools, and more. Welcome to La Vergne!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Roll Up the Sidewalks and Say Good Bye

It's official. We are shutting this blog down. Oh, don't worry. We aren't abandoning you! We're moving to a new, spiffy site!

But first, let's take care of some business. "I'm Just Sayin'" won this week's photo scavenger hunt! You'll need to email me separately to let me know which movie you want (I'll send you a list) and how to get it. Thanks, Michael for your comments about the Farmer's Market idea (but I think we're trying to steal it from Smyrna!) (Shhhh...). :) I invite all of you who've commented today to consider "saying it again" at the new site because we transferred our posts before your comments were made. Comment! Isn't that a funny word when you write it a gazillion times?

Meanwhile, please come visit us at our new home. We hope you bookmark the page and visit frequently.

It's here:

Our email for this site and the new one is:

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